James Breeden


Excerpt from Painting Angela:

He stepped back to take in a larger painting he hadn't seen before. It was a landscape of desert and hills in the background. Lying on a reptilian branch that stretched from an ominous looking tree at the edge of a cliff, lay a naked woman; her leg in the foreground raised, her thin veil snagged on part of the branch that appeared to blow in the wind. To the right of the painting was the title: The Dilemma of False Impressions. A horizontal painting, three feet by four, done in earth tone colors except for the startling reds and blues, it made you want to reach out and take the woman off the branch.

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"After reading Painting Angela, with all the color and flavor, I feel I’ve been to New Orleans. The characters are REAL. An excellent read."
   — Novelist & Poet Ruth Moose, author of Going to Graceland, Dreaming in Color, The Wreath Ribbon Quilt, and others.

" . . . fast-paced, terrific characters, intriguing and suspenseful all the way through."
   — Thomas Wolf, author of The Called Shot, and co-author of Midnight Assassin.

Painting Angela copyright © 2021; James Breeden